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A Sprinkle of Inspiration

18 Feb

I miss writing. In an e-mail exchange with the lovely Sara, I told her how much I miss writing…she responded with a sprinkle of inspiration. On Friday evening, before a surprise date to Disney on Ice (hello BEST husband ever!!), the husband also threw a handful of inspiration my way. Bottom line is…writers write. Even if it is taking five minutes to update this blog, once a week- we write. I hate making empty promises. I want to wow you guys with wisdom and insight. The fact is, I am not the same person who started this blog back in 2007. Back then, football was my one true love.  I had football and my faith. Football was familiar and I felt comfortable speaking my mind on the subject. I could spend a couple of days a week writing posts, and trying to make a name/brand out of “Glitz and Blitz.” 

Something changed. I met the love of my life. The one He picked out, especially for me. And then, I realized there was a lot more to life than football. I spent a beautiful fall in the DC Area. We’d venture on long runs, taking in the monuments, and just having fun. After an action-packed Saturday, I’d check game scores on my phone before bed and sometimes it could wait until Sunday morning (darn those 7 PM PST games!!). There was no longer an obsession with the sport. I felt a million times more relaxed, and lets face it….USC was not having a relaxing type of season.

I credit my husband for this. He was able to open my eyes to so much. To truly see my potential…in every aspect of life. I dedicate this blog post to him. And while I have a plan in place for what I want to accomplish in the next five years- I hope that in giving this blog new life…it can lead to even more opportunities. 

So here is to 2014. To positive change…to living life to the fullest.