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Play Ball!

9 Jul

Baseball. I’ve never been a huge fan of the sport, but I find it highly amusing that out of the twenty years that I’ve lived in the US, half of those years were spent in Spring Training land. Three years in Florida. Seven years in Arizona. 

When we lived in Florida, our apartment complex would be home to various teams during Spring Training. I specifically remember that the first year we lived there, Stonegate was home to the Toronto Blue Jays. Not knowing any better, I assumed all of the players were Canadian and I was in HEAVEN. My People! Several years later, I learned that this was not necessarily accurate and most players were Latin American.

Anyway, when the Expos relocated in 2004, I no longer had favorite team. I couldn’t bring myself to love the Braves (I was living in Atlanta at the time) and what could be better than LOVING USC that year?

In 2006 I found myself out west…once again in Spring Training land. I worked with a die-hard Dodgers fan, and every year, I would try to get on the bandwagon of either the Dodgers or DBacks. I never got excited about either team. Sure, I’d be happy when the Dodgers won. It meant my coworker would be in a chatty and good mood. My heart still remained with my Expos.

The Expos. The Expos that relocated to Washington DC. That became the Washington Nationals. In 2013, where did I find myself? Living right outside of DC. A mere 15 minutes from Nationals Stadium. 

I think I am ready to claim my team. After all, there is no love like your first love.

Speaking of first loves, here I am with the love of my life at my first Nats game back in September!








Foodie Friday….a few weeks plus a day later

20 Oct

My friends. I’ve been baking on a weekly basis. The last few Fridays, I’ve managed to write out entire posts….only to lose them to the WWW. I mean, what happened to autosave?

It’s been SUCH a fun few weeks of football. Cards losing back-to-back games, USC giving me a panic attack last Saturday against UW, but there is post-season hope for both my teams, so for that I am grateful.

Last week, Sister, Coach Dad & I all ended an 8 “Zone Fit Challenge” at Zone Athletic Performance. We celebrated by eating some DELICIOUS loukoumathes at the Greek Festival.

I also made these Nutella & Pretzel Brownies. You guys. I have had these Pinned for ages. I sit and stare at my screen, thinking these must taste amazing!! Well, I was right. They were epic. Probably in my Top 3 Desserts I’ve Ever Baked list. They were def my most favorite brownie.

xoxo- Glitz

PS: The brownies, were from this GREAT site Bakingdom.


The Calm Before the SCtorm: Game 2 Utah

10 Sep

Hello from the road.

Tomorrow I go to the Coliseum for my first ever USC home game. It will be my fourth USC game and I have never seen the Trojans lose. This scares me. Utah will test us and I fear a really close and really intense game. I don’t think my heart can handle a close and intense game.

I can only handle WINS. Is that selfish?

My advice to Kiffin: If at first you don’t succeed…KICK THE BALL!!! This bs of trying for two last week, killed me.

But I guess Kiffin isn’t to blame completely. If the players take a few deep breaths and focus, I really do think they will be okay.

For both USC and Utah, this will be the true test. PAC 12 opener. Let’s do it!

Fight on,

Xoxo Glitz

PS: Was I watching Mizzou v Mizzou tonight? Not a fan of the ASU all-black unis.

PPS: I brought the wrong camera charger and have no camera for the game. Depressed. : (