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A Sprinkle of Inspiration

18 Feb

I miss writing. In an e-mail exchange with the lovely Sara, I told her how much I miss writing…she responded with a sprinkle of inspiration. On Friday evening, before a surprise date to Disney on Ice (hello BEST husband ever!!), the husband also threw a handful of inspiration my way. Bottom line is…writers write. Even if it is taking five minutes to update this blog, once a week- we write. I hate making empty promises. I want to wow you guys with wisdom and insight. The fact is, I am not the same person who started this blog back in 2007. Back then, football was my one true love.  I had football and my faith. Football was familiar and I felt comfortable speaking my mind on the subject. I could spend a couple of days a week writing posts, and trying to make a name/brand out of “Glitz and Blitz.” 

Something changed. I met the love of my life. The one He picked out, especially for me. And then, I realized there was a lot more to life than football. I spent a beautiful fall in the DC Area. We’d venture on long runs, taking in the monuments, and just having fun. After an action-packed Saturday, I’d check game scores on my phone before bed and sometimes it could wait until Sunday morning (darn those 7 PM PST games!!). There was no longer an obsession with the sport. I felt a million times more relaxed, and lets face it….USC was not having a relaxing type of season.

I credit my husband for this. He was able to open my eyes to so much. To truly see my potential…in every aspect of life. I dedicate this blog post to him. And while I have a plan in place for what I want to accomplish in the next five years- I hope that in giving this blog new life…it can lead to even more opportunities. 

So here is to 2014. To positive change…to living life to the fullest.





Happy New Year…probably the most Debbie Downer post EVER

10 Jan

Happy 2013!!!

I seriously cannot believe how quickly time flies. I remember being a kid, having all these hopes and dreams for what life would be like atTHIRTY!

But sometimes life will hand you limes when you expected lemons…or beer when you want champagne. Coach Dad likes to joke that sister and I have “champagne dreams on a beer budget.”

I look at this last football season, for both my teams, and can see how quickly hopes and dreams can change.

The entire spring and summer, it was all about “unfinished business” and coming off sanctions to win a National Championship. Then Stanford happened, followed by Arizona, Oregon, UCLA (ouch), and Notre Dame (ouch again).

Dreams were crushed. Kids put their OWN lives and dreams on hold to experience one last season, only to lose to Georgia Tech in their bowl game.

The Cardinals. Do I even go here?? At the end of Week 4….they were undefeated. 4-0. Super Bowl dreams….end the season with a losing record and no head coach.

This is turning into a sad and depressing post….I’m sorry, but I promise there is a point!

I’ve thought about where I would be at thirty, for a long time. I made the bucket list at 29, and I’m still sticking to it. Lets see where it takes me.

I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a HUGE year. It will be a year of discovery, big dreams and change. It should be fun journey in football and life.


PS: wrote this on the iPad….I’ll edit later…so please excuse any typos.


Foodie Friday….a few weeks plus a day later

20 Oct

My friends. I’ve been baking on a weekly basis. The last few Fridays, I’ve managed to write out entire posts….only to lose them to the WWW. I mean, what happened to autosave?

It’s been SUCH a fun few weeks of football. Cards losing back-to-back games, USC giving me a panic attack last Saturday against UW, but there is post-season hope for both my teams, so for that I am grateful.

Last week, Sister, Coach Dad & I all ended an 8 “Zone Fit Challenge” at Zone Athletic Performance. We celebrated by eating some DELICIOUS loukoumathes at the Greek Festival.

I also made these Nutella & Pretzel Brownies. You guys. I have had these Pinned for ages. I sit and stare at my screen, thinking these must taste amazing!! Well, I was right. They were epic. Probably in my Top 3 Desserts I’ve Ever Baked list. They were def my most favorite brownie.

xoxo- Glitz

PS: The brownies, were from this GREAT site Bakingdom.


Foodie Friday

28 Sep

Some of you may know that in addition to football, I love experimenting in the kitchen. I was brainstorming about ways to post more, and figured what better way to combine food and football!

Each week, I will post a new recipe that is perfect for your football party! Come Bowl Season, you guys will be beyond prepared.

Here is a list of what is in store.

* quinoa sliders
* monster cookie bars
* Biscoff brown sugar bars
* S’mores turnovers
* Bacon & Gruyere scones
* Guiness cheese spread
* tortilla soup
* Pepper turkey burgers
* Greek yogurt chicken
* Greek yogurt buffalo chicken dip
* Skinny poutine
* White pizza dip
* Liz’ artichoke dip
* French onion dip
* brownie batter truffles
* dulce de leche brownies
* pumpkin chocolate chip bars
* white chocolate zucchini loaf
* turkey chili
* queso blog
* s’mores stuffed cookies

xoxo- Glitz