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Updates on 30 Before 30

9 Jul

I have updated my progress on 30 Books Before 30. But, being that I am SO ADD…I am reading additional books as well. Blog post on my current adventure coming soon.


Additionally, the boy has also jumped on the “30 Before 30” bandwagon and is currently compiling his list of 30 Books to read. Feel free to comment with your suggestions for him.


xo- Glitz


That Moment When…

12 May

That Moment When...

…you accidentally eat mushrooms. Guys…there were two things involved. Cheese and potatoes. But…there were mushrooms hiding. I am still alive. 3/30 foods tasted. Making headway.

28/30 to go :)

7 May

Hi friends!

Remember the item on my 30 Before 30 list? The one about trying new foods? Well, I have been TRYING to be adventurous. 

I also decided that trying new cheeses, shouldn’t really count. (Liz- This rule isn’t weird is it?)

So what have I tried?


1. Black beans…sure they were in the form of dessert (brownies), but they TOTALLY count.

2. Garbanzo beans…in a salad, masked with feta and spinach, but not horrible at all.


Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

xo- Glitz

29- Day #81

11 Feb

It’s crazy that in less than two weeks…29 will be 1/4 over. I feel like I’ve slowly started to make a dent on my “list” but I have a LONG way to go. Mostly the crazy stuff…like perfect 30 recipes…read 30 books…try 30 new foods. I think I may have gone just a tad overboard, but the competitor on me is determined to execute!

Speaking of competing…I am sort of struggling at the moment. With myself. I’m doing a fitness challenge at my gym and last week was the first week I missed my “goal” when I stepped on the scale. The funny thing is…I am 100% content where I stand. I’m healthy & fit. Could I use a little more toning in some places? Sure, but overall I am happy.

Yet, last Wednesday, I stepped off the scale mad at myself for messing up. I had a little pitty party, was given a dose of tough love, and went about my day. I’ve been writing little motivational e-mails to my fellow challengers. I think, I am going to start posting them on here. Perhaps, it will inspire some of you.


Anyway, here is last week’s e-mail.


xoxo- Glitz


For most of us, we have three more weigh-ins to go.
I was thinking about what to write about this week. Mustering up my best words of encouragement, and it’s been tough. The first weigh-in that you DON’T make your goal is always the worst. It feels like that band-aid you DON’T want to rip off because it is going to hurts like heck.And then you rip it off, and it hurts, but eventually you suck it up and the pain goes away. Right?
That’s sort of what happened this morning. I didn’t make my “goal” but I didn’t gain anything. For a good ten minutes, I was upset. I did everything right….at least in mind. It took a little tough love, from more than one person, to make me realize how THANKFUL I should be. How far I have come since the day I first walked into Zone. 
Being okay with what you see on the scale, when you are doing everything right, is the best way to move forward and conquer the next week! 
I found this interesting article, that I posted on the FB page about water. A fellow challenger, who referred label themselves a camel, increased their water this week and saw results! Drink up!