Finding My Way…Kitchen Edition

17 Jul
I am very blessed. I come from a family of incredibly talented women. Especially, when it came/comes to being a nikokira (some Greek vocabulary for ya- nikokira means housewife).
Every woman in my family has their specialty. Their signature dishes. Avgolemono (Greek chicken soup), kota kai patates sto fourno (roasted chicken and potatoes) was a Saturday staple at my Yiayia Maria’s house and my personal favorite- patates me avgo (scrambled eggs with french fries and feta) was served up every Friday night. At my Yiayia Koula’s pastitsio, homemade pita, and tzatziki were a staple at every family holiday.
My mom and mother-in-law both have their specialties. Actually, some of the specialties started and ended before I was even born (How about those famous chocolate chip cookies, mom?).
As my husband and I are planning for the upcoming school year, figuring out how to balance work, our own education, and managing two busy schedules we were talking about how both of our moms both pulled it off effortlessly.
We are so blessed to live in a world where I can hop online and do a quick Google search: “What can I make with Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies, boneless chicken breast, and Greek yogurt?” and like magic, Google will give me a recipe to try.
Discovering who I am in the kitchen will be a fun process to document. There will be days where meals are total successes and days where they are flops.
Here’s to a culinary experiment!
PS: Last night’s adventure…a total BUST
photo (2)
Parmesean Tilapia….a little too much salt.

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